Stainless Mig Wire

Jul 14, 2011

Stainless Steel Profile – StainlessSteel Flat Wire and Shape Wire

Since decades, Stainless Steel is considered as the base of every industry ranging from construction unit to home appliances, automobiles to electronics, and much more. On the other hand stainless steel is alsointegrated with features such as corrosion resistance and staining, along with low maintenance and cost effectiveness. And because of these feature of stainless steel products or also known as stainless steel profiles, its demand have seen a lot of transactional movements. Industries are continually seeking for stainless steel profiles that match their standards and provide them the quality solution that they require. These stainless steel profiles are considered as the pillar of almost every industry, starting from the manufacturing of a small kitchen utensils to furniture or a large scale construction unit; stainless steel is used everywhere and have earned itself as a core part of every industry.

Stainless steel profiles are diversified into many varieties, types, shapes, grades and their functionalities. Two of the core profiles arestainless steelflat wire and shape wire.

Stainless Steel Flat Wire

Stainless steel flat wire is a sturdy, rust free, durable and corrosion resistant form of stainless steel and has turn out to be the high demanding phenomenon these days in construction industries. Integrated with the element Molybdenum (Mo), stainless steel flat wire is the most highly corrosion resistant stainless steel profiles which can be used at the places where chloride level is high. It is the best tool to be utilized in construction places containing road salts and high chloride containing area because of the Mo containing in it. Stainless steel flat wires can be used in braces, frames and base plates. Besides due to its properties of sturdiness, rust free, and corrosion resistant flat wires helps to build durable construction unit which lasts longs, as well as with reduced maintenance cost and repairing costs.

Stainless Steel Shape Wire

Stainless steel shape wires are the wires which are generally used for welding purposes. The quality remains the same containing high level of corrosion resistant, durability, rust free and sturdiness. Stainless steel shape wires are further divided into three main categories which include Stainless Steel Mig wires, Stainless Steel Tig wires and stainless steel SAW wires.

Stainless steel TIG wires – TIG (abbreviated as Gas tungsten arc welding) is a type of welding process and TIG wires are the wires which are used in different process of TIG welding.

Stainless steel MIG wires –These are the wires used during the process of Metal gas welding, which is also referred as MIG wires.

Stainless steel SAW wires – These are the wires used during the process of Submerged arc welding, which is also referred as SAW wires.

About the Author

Raajratna Metal Industries Limited is an “ISO 9001 : 2008″ accredited stainless steel wire manufacturer, Raajratna has become one of the most reliable source of Stainless Steel Flat Wire, Stainless Steel Shape Wire, Stainless Steel Rebars, Stainless steel reinforcement bars, S.S bright bars, stainless Steel Welding Wire, stainless steel spring wire. Visit us at

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