Lincoln Electric Control

31 December 2010

Control wire on Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 100… Where to put it?

I have a Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 100 Flux-core wire welder a friend gave me. I know how to use them, but never set them up. Where does this control wire go? Its the wire on the end of the linner that plugs into the wleder, there is two wires with a slid clip on them… where to I plug them into?

Lift the side door and you’ll see two wheels the welding wire feeds between before going on into the hose/gun assembly. Just above those wheels and a little to the front are going to be two flat lugs the wires from the gun plugs into. Those two wires drives the wire feed motor. Then the two big round bolts right in front and just under the wire by the case is where to hook the welder to the hose/gun assembly.