How To Weld Aluminum

5 August 2009

learn How to Weld Manual
There are two main methods of learning how to weld aluminum, first you have aluminum mig welding and second is aluminum tig welding. Each style of welding has different features and welding techniques. Mig welding aluminum is more industrial than tig welding in a way that it is quick and easy for many structural applications such as aluminum boat building.

Tig welding aluminum is regarded more as a finishing weld where minimum clean up is desired and a showroom finish is the result. Tig welding should not be considered a weaker weld than with a mig as the fusion obtained is in effect superior to mig welding aluminum.

Basically tig welding aluminum requires more skill than mig welding as it’s a two handed operation. Tig welds are suited to lighter gauge metal and is used in the manufacture of items such as bicycle frames and food preparation equipment. Mig welding aluminum requires less finesse however and is more suited to large scale manufacturing and maintenance.

Learning how to weld aluminum is still a challenge even for experienced welders. Factors such as a lower melting point than normal metals, an oxide coating present on milled aluminum and its high thermal conductivity all lead to welding problems unless you have the knowledge to set up equipment and prepare for welding aluminum.

Errors in how to weld aluminum can be reduced by proper tuition in the way of setting up equipment for specific joints to be welded. This includes choice of aluminum shielding gas, selecting the correct current options for the welder and the right wire feeds for mig.  Also preparation of the work to be welded and using the correct technique for the job.

how to weld aluminum

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