How To Tig Weld

5 August 2009

learn How to Weld Manual
Those interested in learning how to tig weld will no doubt already have some knowledge of general welding practices. Tig welding or gas tungsten arc welding is one of the more difficult welding procedures to accomplish. To learn how to tig weld the operator needs to reach a high level of skill and have proper welding tuition. Tig welding requires that the welder maintains a very short arc length for fusion, but not short enough to create contact between the tungsten welding electrode and the work.

Tig welding uses a welding torch with a tungsten electrode and shielding gas. The electrode is struck on the workpeice to create a short arc that in turn creates the fusion required. As a filler rod is also used the welder needs to use two hands, one for the Tig Welding Torch and one hand to feed in filler metal as required.

Tig welding is more likely to be used in industrial situations and is most common in the welding of stainless steel; however it can be applied to welding most all metals including aluminium. Tig welds are pure in respect to having no slag and minimum cleanup is required, allowing a quality finish both visually and in strength.

Depending on the skill of the welder and material being used, tig welds can be used in all position work and is suited to pipe welding where weld quality is essential. However for those interested in learning how to tig weld the best starting position is down hand or flat.

How to tig weld

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